Thursday, 31 December 2015

HFO Personal Logs 3 – December 2015

TrekUnited could not allow 2015 to pass by without a special tribute to Leonard Nimoy in Personal Logs! Our cover feature is the art of Karracaz, whose fan career goes back to the early days of mimeo & offset Trekzines. She has a special affinity for the character of Spock and examples of her work are scattered throughout the issue. We've double the page count with two short stories from Lil Black Dog & KarraCaz, an amazing article from the prolific pen of Jacqueline Lichtenberg as well as short fanfic from Madison Bruffy and Naithom, there's even an audio drama comedy script from the editor.
147p. A5 Digest

Front Cover - Art by KarraCaz
The Ravens Writing Desk - Editorial by Kirok of L'Stok
Not Alone In Her Grief - A Nova Trek story & art by M.D. Bruffy
Intersection Points - Story by Lil Black Dog, art by Kirok of L'Stok
Spock’s Katra - Commentary by Jacqueline Lichtenberg
From Fanzine to Deviantart; The Art of Karracaz - Article by Kirok of L'Stok, art by KarraCaz
Plus ├ža Change - Audio drama comedy script by Kirok of L'Stok
The Watcher - Story by Naithom, art by Kirok of L'Stok
The Reaction - Commentary by J. R. Gershen-Siegel
One Thousand Steps to Koon ut Katra la - Story & art by KarraCaz
The Search For Spock - Article by Kirok of L'Stok
Night Whispers: Legacy - Story by April L. Payne, art by Karracaz
Back Cover: The Sword Has Two edges - Art by Kirok of L'Stok