Monday, 11 July 2011

HFO Personal Logs 1 – July 2011

Forget the eInk on your screen and cast yourself back to the seventies, to the days when fans shared their love of Star Trek in 'zines with that personal touch. Smell the ink, dog-ear the pages and revel in the glorious black and white! This month we have five short stories that reflect their author's common passion for The Roddenberry Dream - across all eras, based on canon and non-canon, featuring characters we have come to love and new, original ones!

"Altered Lives 1: The Joining", A Nova Trek story by M.D.Bruffy
"History Lessons" A Star Trek: Heritage story by T.L.Shull
"Freak School" A new sequel from Janet R. Gershen-Siegel
"Going Home" A Star Trek: Bylinas story by Kirok of L'Stok 

78p. A5 Digest format

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