Monday, 30 December 2013

From Quadrant to Quadrant and Person to Person 2

TrekUnited Publishing takes great pleasure in presenting our second adult trek anthology,  
From Quadrant to Quadrant and Person to Person 2 Cover
Click on the cover above to browse or download this free pdf anthology of Star Trek fan fiction. With close to 400 pages of fiction and artwork, this is another collation of peer acclaimed work that explores relationships and genres from comedy to horror.

The Road Less Travelled by Lil Black Dog
Why did Leonard McCoy become a doctor? He came from a long line of physicians, but it wasn’t always his first career choice, or was it? 

Of Mice and Men by Mr. Smith
Jonathan discovers Malcolm’s other secret fear.

Eris and the Age of Steam by Jean-Luc Picard
What happens when a Vorta collides with a Steampunk world? Eris finds herself in a very different place.

Siberians by J.R.Gershen Siegel
On the USS Voyager, A certain anniversary is celebrated.

From Risa with Love by Rush Limborg
Intrigue and romance collide for one Doctor Julian Bashir.

Aftermath by Lil Black Dog
It's never a good sign when the CMO starts seeing things... 

Nova Trek: Mirror Image by M. D. Bruffy
There are thousands of realities in the Multi-verse. This is a story about one of them…

Opacity by Pauline Mac
While on Risa, Jon's vacation doesn't go to plan. How does he cope with the aftermath?

Majestic by Angry Fanboy
The Majestic goes where no one has gone before … and never wanted to.

Day of the Dead by J.R.Gershen-Siegel
The worst horrors aren’t found on a movie screen. Trip Tucker finds himself whisked to an unfamiliar time and place during Halloween, the Day of the Dead and All Souls’ Day, 2161.

Artwork - A lot of effort is put into the artwork that goes into each story as well as the ENTAllat's cover. Ranging from photomanipulations to original sketches by Bluetiger to Madison Bruffy's Poser originals, we have tried to capture you, our reader, with a lead into the theme of each tale.


As fans we cannot expect any payment in cash since we don't own the copyrights but as the creators of the works we thrive on your feedback! What did you like? What did we get wrong? What would you like to see? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment here, or on our Facebook page.

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